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Welcome to the void

2016-06-27 20:23:15 by werewolf6666

Would be artist who studies something that is sometimes game-related here. I've spent my pre-teen years here and hopelessly tried to animate. I'm not currently animating, maybe in the future but that's on a big list of several other projects including a children's book and a web comic. Let's just say I'm here to submit some art every now and then. I'm more active on tumblr, sorry Tom. I'm always open for chatter and colabs, just message me

I'm back (yeah again-_-')

2012-02-23 15:09:14 by werewolf6666

Ok I just heard Newgrounds had a new layout and I hadn't been here like for a year or twoXDXD So I decided to check it out and decided to atleast try to stay this time...whoops shit happens I guess:P
Anyway. I wanted to stop animating completely and focus on drawing. It; s not like anything ever made it into the portal, but let me be dramatical ,no? I also wanted to tell everyone this: I'm cured of my gaming adiction! yay!! Art time!!
I'm gonna try to get it into the art portal so please help me out here. if I remembered this right I need to get a scout before completely entering the portal so please help me on this^^
I guess that's it for now *shrugs* I'll update as soon as there is moreXD (or not, muhahaha)


Big cleaning up

2011-07-06 11:34:27 by werewolf6666

Ok it has been...what? a year?! it doesn't even matter. I was quite some time absent, but now I'm back!!....to announce that I'll be on Deviantart for most of the time>< lol. I'll still be here to submit some of the art I make though^^
First I'll clean up my profile, make some new avatars and upload them...and a new banner>< (ow i feel bad just looking at it><) I'll make a new start on nergrounds, beginning by cleaning up all the old crap form my profile.... I guess I'll start right away:) I'll make some new anouncements later on


P.S. all my art is avalible on deviantart.com
click to see my profile: http://wolfgirl6666.deviantart.com/


2010-10-03 12:29:12 by werewolf6666

i've got nothing more to say.
life is buisy, can't make time to make animations, so in one word...

a sign of life

2010-02-27 12:22:58 by werewolf6666

Hello everybody,
just a post to say that i'm still alive and that the animations arn't going verry fast.
i'm trign to make a cats flash, but i'm just too distracted by all kinds of other stuf.
i guess i'll start verry soon with it and than there will finaly be a flash made by me.
to introduce the series i made a trailer, but it didn't came through, so put it on youtube, for anyone who wants to see it (watch out it's realy crappy) you can find my youtube account on my userpage.
so i'll be back with a nice flashy flash in a while.

so a verry Merry Christmas to all and oufcourse a happy New Year:)
don't blow your hand off with the fireworks, else you can't vote my video's, if they would ever comeXD
i'm trying to make a new flash, but everytime i try i screw everything up and annoy myself.
when i'm ready i'm sure there WILL EVENTUALY come a werewolf_6666 flash, but that will take a long, long, long, verry long time, so grab yourself another glass of eggnog and continue your life, i'm ready whenever.......well.....i'm ready.

~Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Happy Halloween

2009-10-31 17:36:43 by werewolf6666

a Happy Halloween everyone,

no halloween flash this itme, I just couldn't finish it, when I looked back at the result I didn't like what I saw and so i've stopped.
right now I'm drawing in flash because the drawings in my last projest were ....well.... parthatic.
this is one of the results from drawing in flash, and this time I like it (btw, the mand in the screen isn't suposed to be floating, but the immage was longer that expected)
that's it for now, and check out my youtube page for my lateds progresses at flash.

Happy Halloween

i hate homeworks

2009-10-14 11:08:31 by werewolf6666

blah, don't you have homeworks and school? it's way too much work!!
anyway, i'm trying to finish a halloween flash, but with all these stupid assigments of school i'm so damed tired that all i can do is to watch my favorite show (it's addicting, need to watch, but cant, but aaaah i'll watch some:3)
sight...i hope it will be done soon, hope...
one thing is sure i'm defenatly gonna try!!
stay on the outlook:3 for eventualy there will come a werewolf6666 flash!!

yeey it's my Birthday

2009-08-10 13:22:12 by werewolf6666

so today is my b-day, yeey, (i turned 14) there was only one disapointing thing about today.
today i wanted to have my flash on Newgrounds, wich is about cats and not that dance party idea.
it should be a nice surprise, but unfortunatly my submision got blammed:'(
it got a score of 1.55/5.00, wich was realy disapointing, for i realy thought it would be better.
so in a few days my flash will be on youtube and i'd like to ask everyone to tell me what's so wrong about it.
i'll post the adress when it's on youtube.
so sorry for now no animation on Newgrounds, i'll first practice a bit on symbold and maybe i'll make a re-make of my flash, but i can only do that when i know what's wrong with it.
so that s it for now and i'll post the link later


the youtube link is here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQk9gjZ Wof0
please tell me what's wrong about it

hello everybody,
my animation is as promised on youtube, here's the link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPFHOzN _0oc
although it's not that well i hope you'll enjoy anyway.